Qwick Play-By-Play Tutorial

Let’s get to our tutorial as we are going to use The Boston Red Sox at The Detroit Tigers on 8th of August in 2015 (a day before the 20th anniversary of Jerry Garcia’s death, ugh…). As you see here on the following pics, I prepare the lineups for both teams, plus I added the future substitutions:

On the Boston side, you also see 1AB, P, I, R, S and also 2AB. The 1AB will indicate the players 1st at bat (or Plate Appearance if he walks).

P is for Pitcher. In this spreadsheet, we give both starting pitchers number 1. The pitcher who takes over for pitcher 1 will be pitcher 2, then 3 and so on all the way to 6. Anything 7 and after, the spreadsheet won’t keep track of stats after that, sorry but I have it set up for 6 or less pitchers, look for further updates in the future.

I indicates the current Inning

R indicates Run, if the player has reached home plate, input a 1 in the R column.

S indicates a Stolen Base or that attempt. ‘s’ is a Stolen Base while ‘a’ is a Stolen Base Attempt

And I also have the Pitchers:

Again, my spreadsheet only tracks 6 or less pitchers in a game, after that, 7 or more, the user keeps track.

For the record, I did not do this while I was watching the game from the last row, but I thought we can use this game as a good example. So, let’s get to the top of the 1st.

Alfredo Simon gets on the mound and pitches to Brock Holt. After a 1-2 count, Holt grounds out to Ian Kinsler at 2nd and he tossed it to Jefry Marte. So let’s go to our spreadsheet:

So, under the 1AB column where A is pointing to (1AB meaning 1st at bat), we input “go” meaning groundout. For where B is pointing, this indicates the first pitcher of this game, being Simon. And where C is pointing, this indicates the inning. Holt did not get on base this time, so he can’t get a run, nor a stolen base.

Next up is Rusney Castillo, after a ball, he hits a ball a mile high to Right Fielder J.D. Martinez, easy and routine. This time around, we put “ao” for air out.

Next up, Xander Bogaerts at a full count hits a grounder to Third Baseman Nick Castellanos. This ends the inning. I input a line there to indicate the end of the inning, of course, you don’t have to, but showing how that can be helpful. The next picture has us going to the scoreboard in the middle right to input a zero on the Boston row.

We head to the bottom of the first with Rajai Davis starting it up with Miley going against him. Miley does right with striking out Rajai, and we go to Detroit’s rows and input this:

For a strikeout, we input “k,” followed by 1 for P and 1 for the inning. And us Tiger fans being disappointed in the strikeout. That would go away with Jose Iglesias hits a single to left field. For this, we input an “h.”

However, that excitement would dwindle down due to Iglesias attempted steal to 2nd. For that, in our S column, we will put an “a” in that cell, indicating a stolen base.

Kinsler grounds out and that ends the inning.

Now, if the second inning was going to be as boring as the first, I wouldn’t do a full-blown how to inputs in this chart here. If Ortiz, Sandoval and Shaw didn’t get anything out of this inning, I would just fast forward and say, “Ortiz, Sandoval and Shaw didn’t do much, here’s the input.” But, this isn’t the case.

Ortiz stepped up to the plate and it just appeared Simon was pitching around him with three balls and no strikes. The fourth pitch had Ortiz hitting a line drive to the center field wall, giving Gose a run for his money. Ortiz makes it to 2nd base. With Ortiz’s 1AB line, we will input ‘2b’ indicating a double. And this time, a ‘2” will be inputted in the I column.

Pablo Sandoval comes up next and after a strike, Sandoval grounds it to First Baseman Jefry Marte, this allows Ortiz to go to 3rd. We will put ‘go’ in Sandoval’s 1AB row. Coming up is Travis Shaw, he hits a mile-high ball deep in center field to Anthony Gose. When it’s caught, Ortiz tags up and goes home safely, crediting Shaw with the Sac Fly (we input ‘sf’) and giving Ortiz the run (we input a ‘1’ in his R column).

De Aza flies one out to center field, making Gose a busy person for the first two innings he has on field today, and that ends the inning with Boston leading 1-0. This next photo is bigger than the ones I have up and may not be in the best quality on mobile (and yes, it’s not the best pic, you can tell with the edits). This pic is to show, the summary, stats so far and how an at bat is not counted in Shaw’s plate appearance and also the score. Total score is already counted, all we need to do is input a 1 in the 2nd inning cell.

Sadly, my Tigers didn’t do crap, a grounder, an airout and a K. Wade Miley is doing his job well.

Simple enough:

Boston comes on back and doing well with the number 8 and 1 hitter. Swihart hits a single, Jackie Bradley who was batting a low .125 as of this game gets a grounder (as I and most of us expected), but Swihart makes it to 2nd, and Holt hits a hard infield grounder that gets him to first base with Swihart getting to third.

Rusney Castillo is next, after a ball, he hits a grounder to Kinsler, who tosses it to Iglesias who touches second, but the Tigers don’t get the double play as Castillo beats the throw, allowing Swihart to reach home. The official scorer is calling this a force out, so we will input: gorbi (GORBI) meaning GroundOut RBI, and don’t forget to put a 1 in Swihart’s R column. Note that I lowered the text size so you can see gorbi a little better:

If the Tigers were to make that double play, we would input: dp. In the rare instance of a double play RBI, we have: dprbi (DPRBI).

The inning ends with an airout from Xander Bogaerts.

From the bottom of the 3rd to the top of the 5th, nothing really interesting happens. I take the long walk down to the concessions to get a Sierra Mist for my sis and some fries for myself while the boring 4th inning played. One item that we haven’t discussed yet is the base on balls, this happens to Gose at his 1st plate appearance in the 3rd. For base on balls, we input: bb (BB).

Here is the chart from the bottom of the 3rd to top of the 5th:

We head to the bottom of the fifth. McCann grounds out; Marte singles and Gose forces Marte out on 2nd, he stands on 1st. Then Rajai Davis steps up to the plate, after a 2-2 count, Davis hits it to the stands with his 3rd season home run. Comerica Park goes crazy and I’m happy while stuffing fries down my throat. With Home Runs, I have the following, HR, HR2, HR3 and GS. HR indicates a solo home run, HR2 indicates a two-run homer and that is what we input for Rajai Davis’ 2nd appearance in this game, HR3 means 3-run homer and GS, of course, is a grand slam. Don’t forget 1’s in both Davis’ and Gose’s R columns:

Iglesias attempts a bunt single but that ends in a ground out. That ends of the 5th.

The 6th starts with Xander Bogaerts grounding out, but next with Ortiz with his solo HR. Sandoval and Shaw repeat what Bogaerts does and that’s the top of the 6th. Ortiz gets his ‘HR’ and a 1 in his R column.

Bottom of the 6th, my Tigers start out with Ian Kinsler hitting a grounder to center field, bypassing Holt and Bogaerts and going to Bradley, thus Kinsler gets a single. Victor Martinez hits a liner to Sandoval, 1 out. Next is J.D. Martinez, he hits a dropper to Left Field, De Aza scoops it up and tries for home, but Kinsler gets the run (1 in Kinsler’s R column) and Martinez gets the Double + RBI. So we input ‘2Brb’ (2BRB). Castellanos hits a slow infield grounder to Bogaerts but makes it to 1st, with J.D. getting to 3rd. McCann is next and while with his at bat, Miley throws a wild pitch, allowing J.D. Martinez to score on wild pitch, a 1 goes in his corresponding R column. McCann finishes just as J.D. Martinez does with a Double + RBI  (again, 2Brb) with Castellanos getting the run (1 in his R column).

The excitement ends after a coaching visit to the mound which seems to work, Marte hits a groundout and Gose strikes out.

The 7th inning becomes interesting here. De Aza and Swihart single back to back, Jackie Bradley comes in and airs out, same with Brock Holt. With 2 outs, Castillo hits a single allowing De Aza to score, Bogaerts gets an infield single with no one scoring, but it’s enough for Tigers Manager Brad Ausmus to pull Simon out and bring Blaine Hardy in. From now on until he is replaced, we will be inputting a ‘2’ in the P column. Ortiz is next and he hits a single, allowing Swihart and Castillo to score, Boston takes the lead. Sandoval strikes out and allows us Tigers fans to take a sigh of relief, next we sing Take Me Out to the Ball Game.

The bottom of the seventh seeks us fans to hope for a turn around and that is what happens, note that Junichi Tazawa comes in to pitch, ‘2’ on the P column now. We start with a bummer with Davis and Iglesias with a pair of air outs. Kinsler who had a good batting average after the all-star break doesn’t disappoint with a single. Then V-Mart comes in with a home run, 2 runs scored. J.D. Martinez strikes out, but the Tigers has the lead 7-6.

The game does not have any good highlights after this and yes, I know some Boston Fans are going to hate me for saying that. However, I think most people reading this tutorial pretty much know how to use this now. But, we are going to fast forward to the bottom of the 8th where after the first plate appearance, giving Nick Castellanos getting a walk, he is replaced with Andrew Romine. We see in this picture, batting order 6-9 with Romine being the extra. Next, pardon the poor arrow drawing, we show what we are about to do.

The first pic shows the 6-10 on the lineup, the second pic (again, forgive my crappy arrow) show that we switched 6 and 10.

We are going to the Data tab and go to Sort.

We will select Column B under the Column area and have the order Smallest to Largest. Press OK or hit Enter.

We have Romine at the 6th spot, he would later play 3rd base on the top of the 9th. Also on the top of the 9th, Ausmus allowed Alex Avila (usually a Catcher) play 1st base, replacing Marte.

Despite all of the jokes of our lowly relief pitching, Bruce Rondon took the mound with little damage done from 2 through 5 in Boston. Castillo struckout, Bogaerts hit it a mile high to Gose, Ortiz walked on a full count and Marrero came in to pinch hit, and Sandoval struck out. Tigers win 7-6.

Now, we go to the Visitors tab and Home tab, first for the visitors, that being Boston, the stats are listed below:

Boston’s game stats

And for Detroit:

All batting stats are kept and most pitching stats are kept minus a couple of parts. For batting, if a player enters the game with no plate appearance, (such as Romine as a PR in the bottom of the 8th then playing 3B in the top of the 9th, Avila coming in as 1B in the top of the 9th and also Marrero PR for Ortiz) the number on the ‘g’ column will be at 0, it will be the users responsibility to input a 1 there.

For pitching, the innings played, runs, earned runs and if necessary, complete game and shutout are also the user’s responsibility, check for further updates as we make plans to have those stats tracked. Otherwise, Hits, Base on Balls, Strikeouts, Home Runs, Ao’s and Go’s, Batters Faced and Pitch Count are kept.

Now, onto the box score:

This here is the box score, the yellow and orange highlights aren’t something you’ll see on the spreadsheet, these are indicators for our tutorial. The yellow indicators are items recommended for deletion while the orange is additional info the user could add with substitution situations and also adding the Win, Loss, Save, Hold, Blown Save or Blown Lead.

Now the second part:

This is where we input the batting, baserunning and fielding highlights. We have Ortiz’s double and HR with Shaw’s sac fly. And on the other end: JD Martinez and McCann’s doubles and Davis and V-Mart’s Home Runs.

For baserunning, Iglesias got picked off, if the user wishes, you can also input ‘PO: Iglesias’ as the official game score card says.

For fielding, no errors or double plays were recorded, the user could add the Iglesias pickoff if so he/she wishes. Otherwise, it is considered an item for deletion. In addition, one could input WP: Miley for his mistake in the 6th.

Another addition I forgot to give an orange highlight to was Umpire and Weather. The user can input the umpire or umpires of the game, but I got lazy and just put the home plate umpire of the day, Ted Barrett. And the weather was 72 and cloudy that day.

After the user makes the deletions, we go to File > Save as:

We next go to Save as type and click Web Page. Save it as Republish: Sheet and click Publish.

This should pop up, click on Boxscore Sheet All contents, you also have the option to have the page open when you press the publish button.

And we got THIS!