This website is run by me, Robbie Thomas. Qwick launched in 2017 and went down in early 2018 due to lack of interest and other events happening in my life. After getting some idea of how to make your own themes in WordPress, I decided to give Qwick another try in December 2018 and here’s what you have now.



This website is a WordPress website, the theme is mostly made by me. When I say mostly, the other portion was done by Treehouse, an online school. If you are a web developer or somewhere along those lines, you likely heard of Treehouse. For a personal challenge I put myself to, I decided to make an example website on Treehouse into a WordPress theme. After quite a few attempts (plus me screaming at the laptop and even wanting to quit quite a few times), I finally did it.

I liked the design so much that I decided to alter it quite a bit to make it my own for Qwick. I hope the folks at Treehouse aren’t pissed at me for this. So, yes, this theme is NOT entirely done by me. As of January 2019, I don’t consider myself a supreme master of WordPress Theme Development, just a crappy rookie at best.

You can take a look at my TreeHouse profile.



This website will follow Music, Gaming, Movies, The Good Ole Days and Reality. The Reality part is not really reality TV, it’s more like news articles of interest.