18 Feb 19

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Long way from home

As you may have known, the site has changed. Or for those who know something about WordPress, the theme has changed. The previous theme (made by me) had some troubles and also I had to fix the Permalink problem. For a while, one could not access some of the pages in this site due to that. I know most people don’t know what Permalinks are (I’m quite confused by them also), let’s just say that the problem is fixed. Second, this new theme (also made by me) will be the permanent new theme for this grrrrrrrreat¬†website you are seeing now. With the previous theme, I was trying to make something that looked very similar to the narration parts of my videos. But even I thought that was crap. If people demand that old theme back, or I decide to upgrade it down the road, I’ll bring it back. That theme was called WishNet, this one is called Cambodia.

Upcoming Vid

The next EAS scenario will be coming up in March (or early April due to pending circumstances in my life). The working title is “Great Lakes Bomber.” Along with Great Lakes Bomber will be a short-form horror vid similar to Local 58 and Channel 7. I did say on the Golden Butthole video that another EAS scenario will follow these shortly after the two are released, but sadly now, that’s not going to be the case. In my personal life, as I said in the video, I’ve been seeing a lot of 12 hours days at my primary job. When you do 12 hours a day at my job, you don’t want to fire up the brick and make these complicated-ass movies. Plus, my foray in coding comes second in my life.

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Also, I met some celebrities this month, take a look here.