8 Jan 19

Macomb County TV

“Because I got high, because I got high, because I got high.”


I’m a spy in the house of love!

I added that above sentence to see where the alignment was on this page, I think I’ll just keep it there. Macomb County TV is highly-influenced by some of the old school bulletin boards on TV. For those who had watched cable TV in the 90s, at the bottom of most channel lineups would include various community television bulletin boards. Back in the mid-late 90s, not everyone had the internet. So if you were looking for local events in your area, one of the places you’d look is on one of these community channels. Of course, some community channels would run the bulletin board 24 hours a day. A few of them would have local shows but run the bulletin board in the background.

Quite a few of these stations would just play a radio station in the area. If not, they played the same instrumental music on loop. I also remember one also in the mid-90s while living in Oakland Township, Michigan that played a rock station in the background. I remember switching through channels with a friend and we stopped at one (of many) of these community stations and it was playing “Don’t Tell Me” by Van Halen back in 95.

Of course, these bulletin board deals (or digital billboards on TV) are hard to find these days. From my knowledge, I know an independent station in Lake Orion, MI (half-hour away from me) runs a bulletin board deal during non-event programming. You can also find these things in some restaurants and doctor offices. There’s a restaurant┬ánearby me that the digital billboard TV going on, it appears to be run by some office out-of-state.

Macomb County TV

Macomb County TV’s slides are made primarily from scratch with Microsoft Paint 3D. One of the pain in the ass aspects of making Macomb County TV slides is the time. Yes, at each minute, the clock ticks. Not only when I have a slide per minute, but on the next slide, I gotta change the time. I also have to align the time at the same spot each and every time that changes. I currently experimenting with making the time work on the video maker, but so far, that’s worse than using Paint 3D.

Down the road, I plan on using PowerPoint to make some of the slides. PowerPoint has been fun to use in the last couple of days and I like to use it in the future.

Channel 7’s End?

I have been watching Channel 7’s vids. According to some speculation, Channel 7 is ending. The brain child of Channel 7 is Tempest Films, something I like to take a look at. However, I don’t want to watch too many of their films or other EAS films so much. Trying my best to be original. Another thing Tempest did was release the soundtrack to Channel 7. It featured “Good Ole Days” by Trammel Starks, who has his music played during The Weather Channel’s Local on the 8’s back in the day. Also, it features music from Kevin MacLeod. I’ve seen his name in the royalty-free catergory. It’s likely I’ll use his music for my future projects.